One thought on “Floating paramotor?

  1. I admit that I flat out lied when I said that the Flat top will float. You would have to be a FRIGGIN MORON to believe that a heavy motor and frame would be kept afloat by such a small tank. Come on its simple physics really. The volume of air trapped in the tank is only a few liters in size almost none if the tank is full of fuel. Those few liters is the only thing that provide floatation at the rate of approx 1 KG weight per liter of air when it is displacing 1 liter of water. The motor and frame weigh a lot as its a pretty heavy machine. So even if there was 5 liters of air in the tank it would only provide just enough floatation for 5KG of weight. There is NO way it can provide enough bouyancy to keep the HEAVY flat top afloat even the fuel tank is completely empty, even taking into account the displacement of the engine and frame and the diferent densitys of the metals used it just wont float! Just look at my video.
    I am a compulsive liar, even straight to my kids and best buddy I cant even tell the truth about how many times I crashed into the water. I actually went in 3 times but just cant help myself and lie saying it was only twice. You can really trust what I say! NOT!
    If you buy a Flat top you are a friggin moron and will die!

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