Flat Top Paramotor Caught Lying

Flat Top Paramotor claims a pilot is nearly killed due to a paramotor crash. What they didn’t mention is that he was flying a flat top paramotor. Even more scary is this crash was caused because of a serious design flaw in the flat top. Under full throttle, this unit can create a torque spin which turn the pilot and the thrust line in the oppsite direction of flight. This is one of many crashes that have resulted from this serious flaw.

You can find the full story at US Paramotor News

2 thoughts on “Flat Top Paramotor Caught Lying

  1. All motors have torgue spin ,which is why you weight shift and DON’T use full throttle.
    Crumple zone probably saved his ass IMHO.

  2. That’s just not true any longer. Most modern paramotor companies have designed their frames to get rid of torque steer. You shouldn’t have to weight shift to keep your aircraft from spinning.

    Second, he hit on the side of the cage, the “crumple zone” didn’t take the impact at all. Most impacts are not straight down on that part of the cage. If he had landed on the crumple zone, you would have seen the gas tank burst open. Last vehicle with a gas tank in its crumple zone was the Ford Pinto and it was recalled.

    What you have here is a paramotor claiming to be safer but the safety feature didn’t work and the poor design actually CAUSED the crash. I’d say buying a Flat Top was a HUGE mistake that he now regrets IMHO.

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