Flat Top Paramotor Caught Lying

Flat Top Paramotor claims a pilot is nearly killed due to a paramotor crash. What they didn’t mention is that he was flying a flat top paramotor. Even more scary is this crash was caused because of a serious design flaw in the flat top. Under full throttle, this unit can create a torque spin which turn the pilot and the thrust line in the oppsite direction of flight. This is one of many crashes that have resulted from this serious flaw.

You can find the full story at US Paramotor News

Dell Schanze chases and kicks an owl

The video has since been pulled down under ownership claims by Dell Schanze himself

Here is some of the footage in KSL’s news coverage
Law enforcement posted this on a number of forums:

Can anyone on this forum verify that the recent YouTube video showing Dell Schanze chasing an owl with his PPG was factually shot by and posted by Dell himself? Law enforcement personnel in Utah are checking into this and they need verification that this actually was Dell and that it came from his computer, posted by him, etc. for purposes of prosecution. Contact me directly by e-mail if you can help out with this info: “sargeomatic (at) hotmail.com” Thanks.

Text from video:

Published on Apr 6, 2013
This is just sickening. The Powered Paragliding community does NOT condone the abuse of animals in this amazing sport. It’s people like this that will ruin the sport’s reputation for all involved. Dell Schanze of Flat Top Paramotors (the individual abusing this helpless animal) has taken it too far this time. His multiple arrests for dangerous & illegal conduct are one thing, but this takes it to a whole new level. Chasing an animal to the point of exhaustion and then bragging about kicking it borderlines on sociopathic behavior. What kind of person does this? Would you buy a product from someone who thinks this is “wicked” fun? Dell Schanze has NOT been held accountable for this cruel act, and it’s encouraged that you do your part by letting him know this is absolutely NOT OK. Dell Schanze’s publicly listed phone number is 1-800-707-2525. This video isn’t affiliated with the ASPCA, however, they are the leading authority in the prevention of animal abuse and it’s encouraged to contact them regarding Dell Schanze’s actions. Make a difference, get involved.

SuperDell – He thinks he’s awesome. Will you?

Text from Video

Totally SuperDell – He thinks he’s awesome. Will you?
A previously unreleased TV pilot, which we decided not to proceed with, based on the negative publicity surrounding the main personality, our former spokesperson, at the time – who once actually ran for governor of Utah. In the light of recent events, however, we feel it presents an objective view, allowing the audience to decide. (c) Money Train, LLC, 2009. This is not a promotional piece, and is posted in response to Dell’s jump from the Astoria Tower in Oregon. – Creative Commons licensed.

FLAT TOP is the worlds worst paramotor design, it is dangerous & imposible to launch! Video

Text from video

The real truth about this very poorly designed paramotor the Flat Top. How it has been destroying paragliders, is nearly impossible to launch off the ground and should be banned from the sport of powered paragliding. Chris sanacroce is a good instructor but he recently crashed on a flat top paramotor and broke his back, once again showing the real danger of this very poor design.. This pilot struggles with the awkward design of the FT frame and super heavy weights. This is a very experienced Pg pilot who was trained by Chris Sanacroce (before he broke his back on a Flat top) to fly paramotors. You can see he has damaged his glider so many times that he installed a second ring to the flat top cage made of PVC to try and stop the constant glider damage,. It is easy to say this is just pilot error but the reality is that the Flat top paramotor is a very long frame which makes it difficult to run with (along with the very heavy weight) and the strange giant j bars on the front of the harness make it very difficult for the pilot to move his arms and manipulate the risers on the glider to launch it.
Just plain bad design!

SuperDell’s Lying Circus Video

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Welcome to SUPERDELL’s Lying Circus. The paramotor community has grown tired of the crazy lies this man spreads. We are tired of the countless flying sites he has lost for our community to fly from. He breaks rules and we lose out. He gains fame and the FAA gives us a closer look. He makes our sport look bad in the news, on television and in person. His antics endanger people on the ground and in the air. He is been banned from EVERY paramotor event in the country because he is unsafe and won’t simply follow the rules. He has created his own paramotor association to help sell his flat top. The only way to save our sport is to let everyone know what this man is doing. Please help by spreading this video!