SuperDell’s Lying Circus Video

Text from the video

Welcome to SUPERDELL’s Lying Circus. The paramotor community has grown tired of the crazy lies this man spreads. We are tired of the countless flying sites he has lost for our community to fly from. He breaks rules and we lose out. He gains fame and the FAA gives us a closer look. He makes our sport look bad in the news, on television and in person. His antics endanger people on the ground and in the air. He is been banned from EVERY paramotor event in the country because he is unsafe and won’t simply follow the rules. He has created his own paramotor association to help sell his flat top. The only way to save our sport is to let everyone know what this man is doing. Please help by spreading this video!


USPPA Certified Instructors vs. Dell Schanze and his WPSDA /WPPGA scam

Here’s a short primer on the many important ways in which they differ,on organizational legitimacy and authority:

The USPPA is a REAL organization of over 10 years operational standing. See

Wpsda is defunct. ‘The world powered paragliding association’ (wppga) is not a real organization. It’s just a website, owned by Dell Schanze and U-Turn USA (A Dell Schanze company). Dell Schanze and his company manufacture the FlatTop paramotor, and import U-turn and Sky brand paragliders.

whoisGo to and do a ‘whois’ lookup on the domain name. See for yourself, who owns it. Despite searching and requesting, no evidence that it is a real organization has been documented.

USPPA has a stated mission and published bylaws, which enrich the entire PPG flying community:

Dell Schanze / wpsda/wppga have no published bylaws. They do have websites, recently published, registered to Dell Schanze and U-turn USA (a Dell Schanze company). These are FOR PROFIT enterprises, which only enrich Del Schanze. That’s the wppga mission: to market Dell Schanze by making him seem important, and to sell his stuff. (World Powered Sky Diving Association– now defunct, because he can no longer say no one has been injured on wpsda certified equipment. Also, despite repeated requests, he was unable to show video of anyone jumping out of an airplane, with a paramotor on their back).
Here’s more interesting reading on this:

The USPPA certifies only vetted instructors, who have committed to following the proven USPPA syllabus.

The has the appearance of “certifying” the FlatTop paramotor, while failing all other brands. This is grossly misleading, since it’s just a Dell Shanze website, saying that Dell Schanze products are certified by Dell Schanze’s own non-existent organization,

Here’s more interesting reading on that topic:

USPPA Articles of Incorporation as a NON-PROFIT organization were filed on March 15,2001:

Despite efforts and multiple requests for documentation, NO evidence has been found to suggest either the wpsda or the wppga are, or ever were, legitimate organizations, registered with any governmental authority.

A board of USPPA officers was voted/appointed (depending on position) and is published:

Requests for the identification of officers on the board of either the wpsda or the wppga go repeatedly unanswered.

The USPPA maintains an incident database, dating back to 2002 and prior. See

Largely due to this quantity and quality of accident information contained in this incident database, we have been able to demonstrate a sport-wide safety record, over time, which is better that that of licensed motorcyclists, driving on the public highways. And, what is the beneficial outcome of this? There are now at least THREE major insurance companies which write term life insurance policies at standard rates, with NO EXCLUSION for our type of aviation activity, and no upcharge in premium, PROVIDED the insured has attained a USPPA PPG-2 rating, with a USPPA certified instructor!

Thanks, USPPA!

In contrast, Dell Schanze pretends that accidents never happen on gear that he manufactures or sells. He’ll tell you that NO wpsda or wppga member has ever had an injury or death. That’s an easy claim, when you don’t have any members in your pretend organization.

Over 3000 REAL, active pilot members have been a part of the USPPA mission and community, since it’s inception. Current members can log on to the USPPA site, and browse or search for other members.