Before you buy a Flat Top Paramotor

Interested in purchasing a Flat Top Paramotor?

Before you purchase what you have been lead to believe is the strongest, safest and most powerful paramotor please consider the source; Dell “SUPERDELL” Schanze.

The Truth about Dell from the top experts in the industry

Feds charge “Super Dell” Schanze with harassing wildlife
The history of Dell Schanze and the Flat Top Paramotor
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Planet PPG’s page on Dell
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FAA investigating SuperDell in Death during super training

Superdell affects the sport paragliding/paramotoring

*NEW* Footage that shows Dell was pilot in owl kicking video
*NEW* Compilation video of crashes involving Dell and his students.
Investigation into the death of a paragliding student
Dell chases and kicks an owl, news story on Fox News
Dell Chases and kicks an owl, news story on KSL News
Dell publicity stunts gets paramotoring outlawed from the entire Oregon coast
Dell gets Oregon coast banned for paramotors – Foot Flyer
Dell publicity stunts gets paramotoring outlawed from San Diego coastline
More on the San Diego coastline shut down
San Diego Coastline shut down – Foot Flyer

Superdell’s Shady Legal History

Dell Schanze’s Trial Gets Underway
Dell sentenced for making false statements to police
Schanze sentenced to 10 days in jail
Dell charged of carrying a concealed and dangerous weapon and reckless driving.
Dell endangers drives causing distraction as he buzzes a major interstate

Superdell’s Run for Government Office

Calling his political opponent “the anti-christ”
Dell detained and investigated for attempting to sway votes in election

Superdell’s Previous Business Ventures

Totally Awesome Computers
Gay hate ad recorded for his previous company Totally Awesome Computers
Dell trashes The Better Business Bureau

Don’t believe everything you read on the internet about Dell’s Flat Top Paramotor, Its likely it was fabricated by Dell himself. Dell has created many online persona’s to talk about how great the product is. He has had on staff at least 4 full time internet marketing professionals to flood the search engines with his marketing. Dell even created the World Powered Paragliding Association which is nothing more then a marketing ploy to counter the truth of the United States Powered Paragliding Association.

When someone claims EVERY other paramotor created is a dangerous deathtrap machine; you should do a little more research on your own.

Please keep in mind, the following site control their content to only share the view of SUPERDELL:
Dell’s yahoo group, PPGTRUTH:
Dell’s youtube channel:
The World Powered Paragliding Association:
Recently a few facebook groups have also popped up.